Forget quick –fix bootcamps. Believe & Achieve retreat is a weekend programme that will start you on the first steps to changing your life. Described as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by clients, this is an exhilarating weekend that will show you that the weight loss you desire is within your reach.

Successful  weight loss and long term maintenance is achieved through 3 key components on  each retreat;

The weekend will include a number of fat burning exercise sessions where we will work every part of the body in short 30 minute bursts.  We also include a kettlebell session and a power walk alongside the beautiful canal. Two hikes in the Peaks not only get you burning more fat but are a great opportunity to reflect on all the information you will be taking in whilst enjoying the stunning views and fresh air.

No calorie counting, no points, no coloured days. Food is fuel and your body deserves only the best fuel possible. We will show you how to introduce a clean diet that is tasty, nutritious, fulfilling and straight forward. You will develop an understanding on why this is beneficial to weight loss and health as well as support on meal ideas and help developing weekly menus and shopping lists.

Goal setting & positivity
Life is simple – you can achieve anything you want in life using two strategies; effective goal setting and a positive mind-set. We will show you how to develop and implement both.

Anything is  possible. If you believe then you can  truly achieve anything.

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