Help! Help! Help!!!

I am the first person to hold my hands up and admit I am rubbish with anything technological, it just confuses me and can quite often make me cry or throw the lap top across the room. Or both for that matter.

Now when things are confusing or complicated you have a few options
1) Ignore it
2) Struggle through trying to sort it yourself
3) get help
Now unfortunately number one isn’t an option as  don’t think my business would last 5 minutes without e mails/website/online banking etc etc etc
I’ll admit I have tried number two quite a few times – and all I seemed to get out of that is a few more wrinkles and sleepless nights. It takes too much time, effort and stress and quite often I make very little progress. Its not a good use of my time and it just leaves me feeling frustrated and rather inadequate.
So I have finally gone for number three. You see I have signed up for a mentoring course. Having never run my own business before there is a lot of stuff I still need to learn and not just about computers! Is it cheap? Nope but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and admit you need help.
We all need support and direction every once in a while. is there something you are ignoring or struggling with? Look around I bet there is someone who can help, and yeah it may cost a bit of money. What about …..
A new course so you can get that promotion at work
A PT to help you get in shape
A cleaner so you have more time to spend with your family
An accountant so you don’t have to spend hours on your tax return
All these things will cost a bit of dosh but will get you to your goal a damn site quicker and a lot less stressed. Now I would say that is worth every penny

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