Top 5 Tips for staying on track with your goals

1)      Identify exactly what you want and then break it down in to small achievable steps.  Long term or vague goals have less chance of success as you lose focus. Identify what you are going to do about the goal today, this week, this month. This will give you small targets to aim for and a far greater chance of getting there.

2)      Get organised. Success requires some element of planning and preparation. Things don’t just happen by chance. You want to lose weight? Then you need to plan your meals, plan your shopping list, plan your exercise schedule, plan what you will eat if going out for a meal, plan your snacks. Do you see a pattern? Yep…..plan, plan, plan

3)      Goal setting isn’t all about hard work. Make sure you reward yourself along the way.  Remember the first tip about small goals? Every time you achieve one of those make sure you reward yourself. These rewards don’t have to be big; new gym top, spa treatment or just some time out to yourself but make sure you take time to celebrate your success.

4)      Tell people. No one likes to admit failure so the more people you tell then the more likely you are to stick to your plan. Even better if those around you don’t think you will do it. There is no greater feeling than showing people just how good you are.

5)       Take responsibility. These are your goals and no one else is going to achieve them for you. By all means get support, but ultimately it is down to you. You want information then go out and find it, need a new skill then learn it, you hope to get better then practice. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. The amazing thing about life is that you can have anything you want as long as YOU are prepared to work for it.


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