Staying Focused

So your goal is set, at some point you decided you were going to run your own business, learn a new skill, get the body you want or break a personal record. There was a desire inside you to achieve more, an urge to push yourself and live the best life you possibly could.

You started off all fired up, the plan was in place and you knew exactly where you were heading and what you needed  to do in order to get there. But let’s be honest, there are times when it gets hard, and I mean really hard.

You see your mates going off on holidays you cant afford because every penny is in the new business. Colleagues go out for after work drinks and you don’t join as the temptation would be too much and undo all your hardwork.  Friends go away for a weekend, you cant as you don’t have the time- you need to go to the gym, practise your penalty kick or write your business plan.  There are times when you cant remember the last time you did anything other than work on your dream. Whatever your dream is, it takes priority, it has taken over your life and it can get frustrating when it gets in the way of everything else that everyone else is doing. Life seems to be passing you by as everyone moves on and has fun.

You have 3 options

1)      Quit

2)      Keep going but resent it and stop giving it that full 100%

3)      Stay focused and keep working until you succeed.

This is a pivotal moment. This is when real success is created. Many would take the first option and say it’s too hard, too expensive, too risky, too demanding.  Those that take option number 2 would have been far better off taking option number 1 as they aint gonna get anywhere with that attitude.

And then there is you.  You will take option number 3 because you know exactly what you want and you are not going to stop until you get it. You have worked your butt off, you have sacrificed your social life, you have battled with negative people, you have got up earlier and gone to bed later. You have spent your savings, stopped watching TV and spent every minute of every day thinking about your dream and how amazing it is going to feel when you achieve it.

Stick with it, power through and stay focused. It is so worth it x


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