True Values

Through my own personal development and the creation of Believe & Achieve I have learnt many things. I take the time to read, to listen to others and I open my mind to as many new ideas as I can.  The more I learn the more I want to know. I am also on a great self-development course with Dax Moy who is enabling me to become Unstoppable.

On reflection on everything I have come across so far, there is one thing that I have learned that I believe is the most important element of ultimate happiness. I believe that in order to experience inner happiness you need to do two things

1) identify your true life values
2) Live by them

What do I mean my true life values? These are the things that you believe in, the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that make you tick. The things that make you, you! What are your thoughts on fairness, integrity, treatment of others or how you wish to be treated?

So many of us spend our lives doing what we think other people want, trying to be something or someone else in order to keep others happy. Be honest – have you ever tried to change something about yourself just to impress or please another? I know I spent years doing it and I never found happiness that way– why try to be an ok version of someone else when you can be an amazing version of you!

I have now identified my life values, these are everything I believe in and I know that if I live my life by my values then I will achieve inner happiness. Will it keep everyone around me happy? No. I am quite sure some will not be pleased when I start to do what I want rather than what they want.  But it is not my responsibility to make others happy. We each need to take responsibility for our own journeys and our own happiness.

Take the time to identify your life values. I have written mine up in to a creed which I read every morning and every evening to remind me of who I am and what I want. I then do everything I can each day to ensure I live by them. Do I manage it 24/7? No not yet, but I am working on it and each day I reflect on my daily actions and if I slipped up I know what I need to work on tomorrow.

The best part about my creed – I am living my life, my way. Are you?

I am Claire Moore
And this is my Creed

From this day forward
I will accept and love who I am
I will acknowledge both my strengths and weaknesses
And hold my head up high, proud to be me

I will strive to improve myself mentally, physically and spiritually
On a daily basis
Knowing there are no limits to my greatness
And every step, no matter how small, takes me closer to my excellence.

My self-belief grows stronger everyday
Becoming unbreakable, it cannot and will not be shaken by others
I create my own happiness
And no longer rely on the permission or approval of anyone but myself.

I have let go of the past, it will not shape me
My future is for me to decide
It is my responsibility to build the life I want
and from this day forward all blame of others is forgotten

Every action will be filled with integrity
I will treat others will respect and take every chance to learn from those around me
Even if I don’t agree
I will open my mind to the ‘what if’

Everyday I will support others
I will use my knowledge, my skills, my experience to guide them
Expecting no reward or praise
But happy knowing I helped them grow

I am blessed with a life without limits
I will take every opportunity there is no matter how great the risk
As even if I fail I will get up again and my journey will continue
I will never quit

Life is precious, beautiful and a gift
I will treasure every day and give thanks for all I have
Each day will grow in love, achievements and happiness
And every night I will sleep soundly knowing I have done my best.

I am Claire Moore
And this is my creed x


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