My journey

Turning point 
This is me January 2010 at my biggest 11st 4lbs. I had always been lucky and as long as I did some form of exercise I could eat whatever I wanted and stay a size 12. I hit my 30s and this was no longer the case. At this point I was struggling to fit in to my size 14 clothes. I had 2 options

1) buy size 16
2) do something about it

The first one was not an option and so came my turning point. I found a great gym called Prime Mover and started going 3 times a week. I also cleaned up my diet. I cut out the daily chocolate, take-aways and endless snacking. I guess I was eating what most of us regard as a healthy diet – wholemeal grains instead of white, skimmed milk instead of semi, lots of pasta, jacket potatoes and brown rice to fill up and snacking on fruit, low fat yoghurts etc.The first month was difficult as the cravings were hard to conquer. My body was used to being fed high sugar food and it missed it when it was gone.

I set the target of back to size 12 10st 7lbs within 6 weeks.

Back to size 12
And I did it! Mid February 2010 and I was back to 10st 7lbs. Back in the size 12 clothes and feeling so much better. My energy levels increased, I was sleeping better and starting to feel more confident about my body. I stuck to the 3 exercise session each week and started to look at my diet more closely and see if it could be improved further.

It just keeps falling off! 
After a lot of research and support from friends at the gym I opted for a process free diet, this included no grains or dairy. So my diet became meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and eggs. Very similar to the paleo or caveman diet. I continued to exercise 3 times a week Within 4 weeks I had dropped to a size 10. I don’t think I had EVER been a size 10 before!

I did have the weekly cheat meal if I wished, this made life a lot easier if going out to eat with friends. I also allowed myself a daily cup of coffee and although I never drank much alcohol there were occasional nights out.

I thought I was feeling more energetic the month before but this was nothing compared to what I was experiencing on such a natural diet.  You see many of us don’t realise how rubbish we feel until we make that change. It was this surge in energy and vitality that switched me permanently to a natural diet.

Toned and increased fitness
This is me now – I am 38 and the fittest and healthiest I have ever been! I pushed myself hard in order to achieve my current size. From the previous picture I upped my exercise session to 5 times a week. This consisted of 3 metabolic sessions and 2 weight sessions. The natural diet continued but I also cut out the weekly cheat meal, caffine and all alcohol 1 month before the photo shoot and I am delighted with the results. So what now? What will the next stage of my journey involve?

I am not sure yet, but whatever it is I know it will be exciting 🙂


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